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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Twins are Connected

Back in October, our little family took a short trip to Utah. We took a plane for the first time as a family. Which wasn't bad because we flew at night. Seriously, Corbin passed out like three minutes into ascent. He slept the whole flight. Awesome. 

While we were there, we helped Adams parents pack up to move to Florida. That was one of our main reasons for going out there. The second reason was to go to the temple. My brother (twin brother), was going through for the first time. 

Other then going through the temple my first time and then being married to my husband, this was one of the single most happiest and surreal experiences of my life. I'm sure I glowed with a smiled plastered to my face as I watched him soak it all in and glow with the light of Christ himself. There are emotions I felt that I can not adequetely discribe with words. Spiritual emotions not only from watching my brother take out his endowments but spiritual emotions connected between twins. A connection that I can honestly say I can not utter in words because I simply do not have the ability to discribe it. It was like a glimpse of heaven. I had similar feelings when Adam and I were married but this was different in way. 

So to put it simply, it is a special experience that I won't soon forget. The love I felt for my brother and family I'm sure was only a fraction of what will feel in the next life to come. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quitter? Me? No.

Recently, I was called a quitter... Wow.  That just blew me away.  I had never been called a quitter before.  It sounds so negative coming out of someone else's mouth and flies through your ears and enters your brain, raining down on you with judgement.  Now, you're probably wondering, Why?  Why were you accused of such a selfish action.

This last Sunday, I decided that I am no longer going to be a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.  Some of you may be surprised by this decision.  In shock and awe.  Well, it's not like this decision happened over night.  For, at least, the last few weeks, I've had this thought quietly sitting in the back of my mind.  I chose to ignore because I was focused on big goals.  Directorship, free car and building a team to help others find confidence and success.  Well, overtime this thought got louder and louder.  So loud that there was no possible way to ignore it any longer.  I began to realize that my attitude and emotions were changing.  I no longer left appointments or meetings feeling encouraged, vitalized and pumped to take on the world.  No.  I was beginning to feel empty, numb, worrisome, alone, burdened and saddened.  I found this to be confusing.  These emotions came more frequently and stayed with me longer and longer.

Last Saturday, so a week ago, somethings about Mary Kay came up between Adam and I after putting the boys to bed.  I knew that it was time to tell Adam what I had been thinking about and how I felt.  We discussed it and he, as always, was very supportive.  He assured me that he knew I would do what was right and would support me in my final decision.  This was encouraging.  That night, before bed, I prayed.  I wanted so badly to make the right decision and I sincerely pleaded with my Lord to help guide me in making the right decision not only for myself, but for my family as well.

The next day at church, I received my answer.  Our relief society lesson was on pride.  What a hard lesson.  One that I, surprisingly, was very willing to hear.  We discussed prides different forms.  Envy and coveting were a couple of the forms that stood out to me most during the lesson.  After hearing those words, I came to shocking realization that I was partaking in these forms of pride.  Those big goals I had?  Many were just materialistic.  I knew things needed to change.  I needed to change.  And, surprisingly, I was willing to admit that I had been prideful.  I did not take joy in it.  But, I was willing, therefore, I had a very humbling experience.  That in its self was freeing.

That night, after putting the boys to bed, I discussed the lessons I had learned with Adam.  And then, with out much thought, I said "I no longer want to be a consultant."  When I spoke those words out loud, I knew them to be true.  It was confirmed.  And the more I said it the more relief I felt.  The more joy filled my soul.  A weight had been lifted.  I couldn't go to sleep, I was so happy!  At 10:30pm, I called up my parents to tell them the news.  They were understanding, supportive and proud of my decision.  The support of my family and of Adam is so reassuring.  And I am so grateful to them for it.

So, skipping a few days, I then had to tell someone who was apart of Mary Kay.  I wasn't the easiest thing to do, but it needed to be done.  The reason it wasn't easy was because this person truly believed in me and my goals.  They believed I could do anything I set my mind to and then some.  But, their response was hurtful and infuriating.  I didn't know what to say.  After steaming over it for a few days and attending the General Women's Conference Broadcast this evening, I've come to a sense of peace.  Having this person call me a quitter was (key word, "was") unsettling.  However, I've been reminded that with the Lords help I can do anything and that His opinion is really the only one that matters.  And I know, with out a doubt, that He does Not think of me as a quitter.  As a daughter of my Heavenly Father, I strive to be like my Savior.  I may stumble and fall, but I do not Quit.  I, sometimes, have a good cry, look up, take my Saviors hand, Stand up and dust off my pants.  I do not quit.  People will come in and out of your life.  Adventures and journeys will begin and come to an end.  My journey with Mary Kay has come to that end.  I learned what I needed to learn.  I grew in ways I needed to grow.  I gain, at least a little, more confidence.  And I learned the most important lesson in this journey.  Relying on the Lord and listening to his promptings and answers to my prayers.

As I was driving home from the broadcast tonight, I realized that I would much rather accept the harsh realization that I was holding onto pride tightly, then I would ever want to learn that something so fleeting took a higher and stronger priority over my family.  My husband and our boys.  They, they are my righteous reason for being a "quitter".  And I am so grateful to my Lord for my family.  Because the are my eternal blessing.  The ones worth fighting for and worth humbling myself over.  They are my eternity.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Six Years Down & Eternity to Go

A day of white, family, friends, the hot-blinding sun, flowers, pictures, smiles, laughs, tears of joy, hugs, good food (that we didn't really get to eat), the car wash, Adam getting put on probation from his job and most importantly, a covenant with The Lord. This describes our wedding day of six years ago. 

Now, after six years, we have lived in three states (Utah, Idaho and Indiana), lived in six different homes (three apartments, one duplex, two homes. One being my in-laws). Had three dogs, two mice, four gold fish, one demon cat and now one hedgehog. Not all of them were keepers but we had them for a short time. I've been pregnant twice and we've had two wonderful, handsome boys. Adam has had ten jobs, I've had five. We've been back to school just to drop out again. I've started cosmetology school but had to quit. 

While these are all just numbers, they all come with a story. Stories that Adam and I have made together. I feel so blessed to have taken such an adventure with my best friend. We have grown to love, understand and respect each other even more then before. We have had the laughed our hardest laughs and cried the most sorrowful tears. We have learned new skills together and gained new hobbies. 

Adam, I hope and pray that you know I love more and more all the time. You tell me that I am an example of patience and love. Know that you are an example to me, too. I love to listen to you teach on Sunday. It is a wonderful blessing to hear you bear witness of truth. Your testimony is beautiful and strong. Your willingness to teach others of the gospel, including coworkers is astonishing. Your courage to to defend our beliefs in a loving way is awe inspiring. I am so proud to be your wife. I am so happy to be the one that stood out to you. The one you fell in love with, even when you weren't expecting it. I know our boys will grow up to be courageous and pleasing in The Lord's eye and you are a big part of that truth. I love you, Adam. More then you may know or understand. Here's to eternity.     

Friday, August 7, 2015

90 Days

Recently, I finished reading The Book of Mormon. I did read it in 90 days. Which seemed daunting at first, but really is very doable. 

So, I mostly want to talk about my experience. But before I get into that, I must be honest. This was my first time reading The Book of Mormon all the way through. By myself. While I had read it several times growing up with my family. I had never succeeded in finishing on my own. Before I started, I would have been ashamed to admit this fact. But now, I'm only focusing on the good I have done. And that is, that I read it from beginning to end, on my own time. My own thought. My own initiation. 

Now, you may wonder 'Why?' Why did I decide to do this task. Well, at first, it was because of a lesson taught in relief society on The Book of Mormon. She had extra challenge cards from a previous lesson. Sitting there, I thought, 'I should do it'. So I picked up one of those cards on the way out and committed to myself and The Lord that I would complete this challenge. 

The more I thought about it through the day, I decided that I needed this. Not only would it be the right thing to do, but it would be beneficial to my soul. It would strengthen my testimony. And it did. 

My experience was special, because it was my own. Through out my reading I learned new things. I gained a new, higher level of respect for the prophets. Especially Abinadi. I don't know why, but reading his testimony that he bore to King Noah was the most powerful experience I had this time. His unwavering faith and testimony of our Lord touched my heart and bore witness to my spirit. 

While I may not have had a warm feeling overcome my soul and heart at the end, I did receive a sense of peace. When I finished reading that last verse, I could hardly believe that I had finished. At the age of 25 and growing up in the church, I had finally read The Book of Mormon all the way through. 

I began reading because I knew I should. I finished reading because I knew I had to, that I needed to finish. And because of it, I had spiritual experiences. My testimony is stronger. I have a sense of knowing for myself, that the words written in this sacred book are true. 

My testimony, my faith are some of most precious gifts in this life. Ones that I, like Abinadi, would die defending. I know others may not agree with this doctrine, but I will Never deny Jesus Christ. For that sin is not worth living for if it means living with the greatest regret I could imagine. 

I know my redemer lives. 
I know The Book of Mormon to be true. 
I know that President Monson is a true and living prophet. 
I know that Joseph Smith translated The Book of Mormon through the power and gifts of the Holy Ghost. 
I know my Savior loves me. 
I know that Jesus Christ will come again. 

With these words I leave you, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Alister: Three Years

Our baby boy turned three years old this month.  I guess that means he's not much of a baby anymore.  While reality can be hard to swallow at times, especially while thinking of all those first precious moments three years ago, the present and future hold so much excitement.  So many firsts have come and gone.  But so many more wait ahead.  Like his first school day, first broken bone, first dentist appointment (not really looking forward to that one) and his first crush.

Alister is our little sweet boy.  He is sensitive, kind and likes to make you laugh.  His smile is contagious and his eyes tell a story.  And his hair creates jealousy.  :)  We could not imagine life with out his warm, hearty laughs.  We are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments.  We love you, Bug.

He looks like Grandpa Briggs here. :)

Corbin: Eighteen Months

Corbin is our little red head and lives up to the old folklore of being a hothead.  While he may be opinionated, loud and stubborn, he is also sweet and full of love.  He will give me kisses and hugs and his "Hi" is one of the cutest things I've ever heard.  He's adventures with no fear.  I see many trips to the E.R. in our future.  Everyone says he looks like his dad.  :)  He and Adam are very similar, while Alister is a lot like me.  He melts hearts with his blue eyes and red curls (rarest combo among redheads).  While Corbin was not planned on, we couldn't imagine life any other way.  The Lord has a plan for us, and we learned long ago to listen and go by faith.  Why do you think we moved here? ;)

Corbin loves to climb, look at books, play outside, adores his brother and papa and is a big momma's boy.

The Temple: My Public Invitation

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, temples are very important to my life. My husband, Adam and I, were married inside the St. George Utah temple nearly six years ago. This allowed us to be sealed by the power of the priesthood enabling us to be husband and wife for all eternity. Doing this makes it so we can also be with our two boys for eternity. What a blessing and privilege to have such a beautiful gift from our Father in Heaven. Not only do we have these wonderful blessings in our life but we can and have continued to go to the temple. Going to the temple and praying is what brought us out to Indiana. And now, we have the privilege to see a new temple opening and being ready to dedicate next month.

Now, this is where my invite comes in. For many of you who are not members and have wondered what the inside of temple looks like, this is your chance. Before the temple is dedicated next month, there will be an open house where anyone, can go through the temple on a tour. Before I give you the information I ask that if there is any desire, any at all, to go to the open house, please do it. Find a way. We would love for you to come when we go. 

Our faith and religion is so important to us, we just want to share the joy we get from it with others. 

Alright, now for all of the information. 

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
        Open House 

Free public tours • All ages welcome

116th Street and Spring Mill Road
             Carmel, Indiana

Dates and Times
Friday, July 17-Saturday, August 8, 2015
Mondays, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tuesdays-Saturdays, 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
No tours on Sundays

Helpful Information 
• Activites include a short video and 45 minute walking tour
• Wheelchair accessible 
• Modest clothing is recommended

Now, I know it is short notice, but we will be going this Wednesday 29th! I'm So Excited! If you want to come and can, please tell me and we will work out arrangements!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Symbol of Eternity

The wedding ring. I love my wedding ring. Real or not. After being married a little over a year, Adam and I went to get my ring cleaned. While we were there, we were informed that my ring... Was a fake. I thought Adam was going to faint there in the store as he had spent a good penny on it. He, had been scammed. While the news was shocking to me, my thoughts and empathy were with Adam. The shock, fear, anger and nausea he must have felt were heart wrenching. But the fact that my ring wasn't real didn't seem to bother me all that much. Perhaps it should have but the fact is, I still loved that ring. I still do. The stones get cloudy quickly, it has some small scratches. But that ring will always be special. Adam took a lot of time, thought and care into finding me the 'perfect' ring. 

But it's not about the ring. It's about person who got it for you. The love that was put into finding it. I remember when he proposed. (How could I forget, we have it recorded). When he pulled out that ring and asked me to marry him and I said yes the first thing we did was kiss. The ring waited. I didn't really notice that until his mom pointed it out. Stating I knew what was really important. I love my ring because of what it symbolizes. My eternity with Adam.  

Friday, July 17, 2015

Not Seen but Never Forgotten

Recently, (and by recently, I mean like three days ago) I reconnected with an old friend. Doing so has made me realize how much I missed him and how he has always made me happy. While we have not regularly kept in contact for several years, we never forgot each other. Our friendship as happy and loving as before. A friendship like this is worth saving. Worth holding onto. Worth mending. It is worth the work. 

This has made me think about when we stop talking to Our Savoir. When we stop basking in His light and decide we can live this life alone. While you may wonder off and do your own thing, whether it be a few weeks, months or even several years, you never truly forget Him. And believe me, He has not forgotten you. 

When you decide to go back or maybe you already have, you will see that you missed Him. You missed His warmth that enters your soul. His peace that calms your mind. That happiness that comes from talking to Him and obeying His commandments. Your relationship with your Heavenly Father is worth saving. Worth holding onto. Worth mending. And it is most certainly worth the work. 

He was not seen, but He was never forgotten. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015


They say that the closer you become to The Lord, the closer Satan becomes to you. He knows that your light is shining brighter and that you are influential to others. So Lucifer sneaks his way in to break you down. He whispers "You're not good enough. You will never live to your full potential. You can not make others happy. And The Lord does not care about you. He has no faith in you. So give up. You're worthless." 

Your loving Heavenly Father would never speak such words to your heart. He has charity, patience and forgiveness for you. He smiles down on you when you do what is right. And I am certain that His heart aches when you forget about Him. When you stop talking to Him. When you stop obeying His commandments. Just like our earthly parents, He wants us to speak to Him. He wants the best life for us. 

So, as you draw closer to The Lord, and Lucifer starts whispering in your ear and hands you those lemons, make lemonade. And share it with others. Be accountable. Be strong. Be patient. Be kind. Be an example. Mistakes will be made. Regrets will fade. Pain will heal. But always remember The Atonement. Utilize it. Seek out true and lasting happiness. Fight for it. And live your life fully and share the charity in your heart. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Thoughts of Excitement and Humility

As I lay here wanting to sleep, my mind is racing at high speeds. I feel so full of gratitude and happiness for my life now and the potential my life can bring.

Tonight, the sister missionaries came over and we had to say good bye to one of the most genuine, kind, loving and faithful people I've met since living here. Her time has come to an end and she will be returning home this week. I love her so much and wish her the best. 

I feel ignited with passion. My goals are set high and my mind is focused on helping to better our life and myself. I want to share this wonderful opportunity called Mary Kay with everyone! 

My parents read my recent blogs and told me how proud they are of me. Always a wonderful thing to hear. 

My heart is full with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for leading us here where we can grow as a couple, as a family and as individuals. Where we've had the opportunity to help others, influence others and be missionaries. What a great and wonderful opportunity. 

I'm so grateful for a husband who loves me and believes in me. Letting me that I can when I don't believe in myself. Adam is my best friend. I can tell him anything without judgment being placed upon me. Without a scornful glance that contradicts his words or actions. A man who still melts my heart with sweet kisses and love for his boys. His testimony is genuine and swells the heart with the Spirit. And I am so proud of him. 

My boys are my pride and joy. I don't tend to brag about myself, but I have no problem bragging about my boys. All three of them. I'm a proud mother and wife. One who wants the world to know how wonderful they all are and how much good and joy they bring to others. 

And lastly, I feel humbled. I know some days I struggle with too much emotion. That its hard to get out of a funk. But tonight, I lay here humbled that The Lord has blessed me so richly. And I know that if I continue to do what is right, and strive to be even better, I will be blessed even more richly. And I thank my Heavenly Father for trusting and loving me to never give up on me. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Blood Runs Pink

Yesterday was the new fiscal year for Mary Kay. I wanted to start day off strong. It wasn't quite up to par, but I'm pleased with knowing I tried my best. But I don't want to talk about that today. I want to talk about why I joined and why I have stuck with it. 

I joined Mary Kay February 26, 2014. I wanted to help bring in a little money and hopefully build some self confidence. Because let's be real, most of us need to  some extent. When I first started, it was exciting, confusing and intimidating. I had entered a wonderland filled with positive women who wanted to see you succeed. I hadn't actually met any of these women though, they were a recording on my screen that I could pause and rewind. While that was motivating, I longed for someone to stand beside me and teach me. To guide me. To look at me and say "you CAN do this". Unfortunately, that moment never came for me. I was unaware, however, that a director should have done all those things from the beginning. I had waited for a phone call from some mysterious lady who would tell me about these so called "unit meetings" and other import details. That phone call never came. Eventually, I had forgotten that such a phone call should have come. It faded from a memory to a forgotten thought. 

At this point, the enthusiasm that burned within me, faded to a flicker. Confusion and intimidation ran wild creating chaos and fear in my heart and mind. All hope was lost and forgotten. 

I sold product here and there. Mainly to family, a.k.a my mom. Once in a while I would be on the Mary Kay Intouch website trying to navigate my way through while stumbling across stunning prizes and gifts. I couldn't quite figure out how to earn such lavish items. And those I did comprehend seemed so far from reach. 

When February 26, 2015 started to near, I thought to myself that I have to decide if I'm going to continue doing this, what seemed at the time, impossible journey. The decision was daunting. However, I felt abandoned and lost. I had read a little hear and there about team-building. The idea sent fear rushing through out my body. I had no idea what I was doing, no confidence, full of doubt and thoughts that I was not good. Why in the world would I ask someone to join my team? It was laughable. About a week before my year mark, I booked my first party. Let me repeat. My FIRST party. I was set for the beginning of March. I was so scared and excited! I had no idea what to do. So, I watched videos and YouTube. Well, the party came and I didn't completely fail!  I made a few small sales, which was liberating. But I made no bookings. Disappointment. 

Well, April rolled around and my Director, that mysterious woman who never called, added me to a discussion board. I posted about being lost and needing help. No responses. Well, on May 9th, I decided to post once more but in a different area in the discussion board. The next day at church, in Relief Society, we had a lesson on The Book of Mormon. The teacher had challenge cards to read the entire book in 30, 60 or 90 days. Well with two toddlers I went for the 90 day challenge. I made a commitment in my heart with my Heavenly Father that I would complete this challenge. Apparently, He believed me, because that night I got a response to my post! Then Monday came and I got another response. Someone who gave me four names of Directors in my area. One of these names stuck out, so I looked her up in the Mary Kay website and there was her number. My heart skipped a beat. I sent her a text. My head raced for the next couple of hours hoping and praying a response would come. 

While along dinner, a miracle happened. She texted me back. What?! I was literally jumping up and down, screaming and dancing in the kitchen like a teenage girl who just got a text from her crush. I was elated! I promptly texted her back after doing my jig in the kitchen. She invited me to come to her unit meeting held every Tuesday evening. Which could not come fast enough my friends! I was so excited! 

That first meeting I just soaked it all in while grinning. I probably looked like some creeper in the back. But these women didn't know just how much they meant to me already. They were my beacon in a raging storm of emotion and trial. That burning fire that faded out was reignited that night. A passion grows inside me at a rapid pace. I want to know all I can and be all I can be. I have dreams which I plan on making a reality. While my confidence may still struggle at times and some days seem dark and impossible, deep inside I know that with The Lord's help I can accomplish anything. Hey knows that I truly desire to help make a difference in people's lives and I know I can do that with Mary Kay. So watch me as I learn to fly because honey, I will soar. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Even Little Hands Can Stop to Pray

Last week, Corbin began to fold his arms for prayer. While he may not fold them through all of prayer is fine by me. The fact that he does it all, is both satisfying and astonishing. To think that such a small boy and understand that when I say it's time for prayer, it's time to fold our arms as well. I'm so proud and happy that we can all fold our arms and be silent for a family prayer now. Corbin isn't quite sixteens months yet.  So you can imagine my joy and excitement to share such an important aspect of our life is already being accepted.

I love it when Alister kneels at his bedside to say prayer at bedtime before I ask.  He knows it's what we do.  While he may not fully understand it's importance yet, he understands that it's apart of our life.

I have witnessed that children recognize the Savior at a very young age.  I have witnessed that being consistent in showing little ones how to pray brings joy beyond belief.  Witnessing such moments has only increased my testimony of Jesus Christ.  In His love for his little ones.  It makes me reaffirms my belief that we are all born with the light of Christ.  That at a young age, we know Him.  We love Him.  And if we, as parents, continue to teach our little ones about Jesus and His teachings, that knowledge and love can grow into a relationship unlike any on this earth.  But as parents, it is our responsibility to not only teach these things, but we are to teach them with love and compassion.  With patience and kindness.  With strength and courage.

I don't believe I will ever tire of sharing my testimony with you all.  Especially since moving here to Indiana.  I have noticed a change in my soul.  It is more noticeable at times then others.  But, it is there.  That change is not only an increase of my love for the gospel, but an increase of compassion and love for those who are seeking truth and have not yet found it.  So I ask you, if you know someone who is in need of our Saviors love, please, share it with them.  Whether they accept it or not, is there one choice, but reach out.  Do not be ashamed.  Find courage.

Do not forget to kneel in prayer for yourself.  Teaching your little ones is important, but taking a few moments and conversing with your Heavenly Father is also important.  Perhaps even more so.  Because, if our children do not witness us praying, they may wonder if we do.  They may begin to wonder if we practice what we preach.  So kneel.  Bow your head and talk with your Father in Heaven.  For he longs to hear your voice.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Alister - Two Years

Two.... Two! I can't believe he's two! (now I can since this is going up so late.) But we had so much fun for his birthday! We took him to his favorite place... the Zoo! Plus, my family was here to celebrate with us!

I'll never forget the night I went into labor with Alister.  Some of you may remember that we were going to name him Conner Joseph.  But, as my due date got closer, that just didn't feel right.  Then one morning Adam thought, "What about Alister Pratt?" I loved it. :) We loved it.  That was the name.  Later that night, I went into labor and Alister came the next day at 1:47pm. After 14 hours of active labor and 3 hours of pushing, the little boy we had been dreaming of had finally joined us.  Like any proud parent, we knew he was special.  Still do.  Now, he's a tender-hearted little boy who shows empathy and exudes sweetness.  We couldn't be prouder to watch him grow, laugh, love, learn and enjoy life.  We love you so much Alister.

Corbin - One Year

I know this is late, But I really want to catch up. Corbin is now a year old. What happened to my baby? Now he's walking, "talking", sleeping through the night and done with formula! I am so proud of his accomplishments and he adds so much joy and laughter to our family. Corbin is small for his age group. He's still under 20 lb. and is 28 and a half inches long. Although his head is in the 98% so he's a little bobble head. :) Corbin says "mama", "dada", "hey" and "done" to get down from the table.  He loves "running" around the house with Alister and gets excited when Papa gets home. He's a momma's boy for sure and is my little buddy.  While we didn't plan on Corbin coming into our lives so soon, we couldn't imagine life any other way.

I couldn't get the type of pictures I would have liked, but these are still cute. :) Some are from the little birthday party we had with the Elders.

UPDATE: OH MY GOSH! I can not believe this was never published! I thought I did! Well... Enjoy!

Christmas 2014

It was our first Christmas as a family of four.  :) It was simple and wonderful.  While, again, I didn't get the Christmas pictures I envisioned, we at least have memories of it. Well, Adam and I do (maybe just me). ;)  We spent the morning of course opening gifts and spent the day relaxing and enjoying one another.

We also, had the Elders over for Christmas dinner which was a lot of fun. :)

Mother of Two

Becoming a mother to Alister was both terrifying and exciting. Becoming a mother to a second son brought new fears. Will I be able to divide my time evenly? Will I feel too drained? I now have two future Elders to teach and nurture. Will I be good enough? Will I teach them enough? Will they learn compassion and become tender hearted? Will they know charity? ... I have two future Elders. Over time, that fear has turned to excitement.  One that I'm not sure I would have come to know this early in the game if it weren't for all the wonderful Elders I've met here in Indiana.  I watched some youtube videos of missionaries returning home a while back.  A couple of them the sons raced to their mothers and embraced them and wouldn't let go.  I totally balled my eyes out.  It made me hope that I could one day know that feeling of joy, love, pride and relief to embrace my son after two years.

Being a mother of two boys has its own kind of pride. One that I'm so happy to know. I got a blessing a couple weeks ago from Adam and it was such a good reminder that The Lord has called me to be a mother.  That He has placed his trust in me.  That when I have doubt, He still has hope.  For that I am so grateful.

We get compliments everywhere we go on Alister and Corbin.  About how cute they are, Alister's hair, their blue eyes, Corbin's red hair, their good behavior.  People can't help but smile when they see those two smile.  When they watch as Corbin clings to me while sometimes flashing a smile their way.  If only these strangers knew just how much I truly do appreciate those compliments.  And while I do, I also wish they could know just how wonderful they really are.  I'll do my best to raise these boys in hopes that one day, they will both serve missions and they will be able to touch so many peoples lives.  Just as so many missionaries have touched ours. I hope that some of those returned missionaries read this.  Because I want them to know, that we love them. We miss them. We hope that they will continue to reach out and touch peoples lives with service, selflessness and charity.