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Friday, November 1, 2013

October 2013

Well to be perfectly honest, we didn't do a lot to celebrate Halloween this year.  But, that's okay. I think part of it not having any place to put decorations. We did however go to our ward Halloween party. Which was also a Chili Cook-Off. That was fun. I was going to enter a chili but I got there 30 minutes late. No biggie though. People still ate my chili and the pumpkin brownies I brought were devoured. (: so that made me happy. Hopefully next year we'll find the Halloween spirit. 

I dressed as a lumber jack with a beer belly. Alister was a little monster. I can't upload those photos yet and I don't have any on my phone at this time. So, I'll try for that soon. We left the hat at church so one of the Elders has it right now. But here's a couple of my beer gut. Which I worked really hard on. ;) I also drew on a beard which is a bit hard to see. But I was told it looked pretty real. (: