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Friday, July 17, 2015

Not Seen but Never Forgotten

Recently, (and by recently, I mean like three days ago) I reconnected with an old friend. Doing so has made me realize how much I missed him and how he has always made me happy. While we have not regularly kept in contact for several years, we never forgot each other. Our friendship as happy and loving as before. A friendship like this is worth saving. Worth holding onto. Worth mending. It is worth the work. 

This has made me think about when we stop talking to Our Savoir. When we stop basking in His light and decide we can live this life alone. While you may wonder off and do your own thing, whether it be a few weeks, months or even several years, you never truly forget Him. And believe me, He has not forgotten you. 

When you decide to go back or maybe you already have, you will see that you missed Him. You missed His warmth that enters your soul. His peace that calms your mind. That happiness that comes from talking to Him and obeying His commandments. Your relationship with your Heavenly Father is worth saving. Worth holding onto. Worth mending. And it is most certainly worth the work. 

He was not seen, but He was never forgotten. 

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