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Monday, November 10, 2014

No Regrets

As I sit here rocking Corbin, watching his eyes become heavy as he drifts off to sleep, I ponder to myself. Corbin is now ten months old. I still have to rock him to sleep. And while I am exhausted and sick at the moment, and can not help but think that I will never regret rocking my children. Yes, Corbin does not sleep well so I am going to start sleep training very soon, or we will all loose our minds. But still, I don't regret a single day or night of rocking Corbin. The same goes for Alister. 

Alister didn't start sleeping through the night until 14 months I believe. And I rocked him to sleep. The reason I stopped was because I was pregnant with Corbin and I was getting to big to comfortably rock Alister. Plus, I knew things had to change before the new baby. No matter how much I knew that at times, I would look back on the days when I could rock Alister and miss it. He was our first baby boy. I will always look back in fondness. I remember my first birthday after Alister was born. I got up in the middle of the night to feed Alister. When I sat in my rocker I looked over to see a wrapped gift and card. Something "from" Alister. I the card, Adam wrote as if it were Alisters words. In it read, "this is our special time". I read that and knew it to be true. Even though I was tired and worn out, it was a special time with my son. As Alister laid there in my arms, I gazed upon him telling him that it was a very special time. That I love him so much, kissing his face as he sleep. 

While it is easier to sleep train babies at a younger age, I do not regret my choices. While I rocked I got to look upon those precious faces. I could feel them breath and watch them dream. I've known people who don't ever rock their children to sleep because they don't want to encourage that habit. While logically I can agree that, that is very smart, emotionally I feel sad for them. Rocking my boys has grown to be one of my favorite things. And now, I will be sleep training Corbin soon. I will have to give up rocking him to sleep. Quite honestly, it makes me very sad. My baby is growing up. I think it makes me even more sad then when I stopped rocking Alister because we are not planning to have any more children. A decision I do not regret but I will miss rocking our babies. They are only tiny for a short time. The window to enjoy such pleasures is very small. One that I know I have enjoyed fully. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ten Months - Corbin

At ten months. Wow wee! Two more months until his first birthday. I just can't. He grew up too fast. But at ten months Corbin doing really well. Other then sleep still. But he's crawling and climbing up stairs. His favorite thing to do is to practice walking. Which Is great! The more he does it the sooner he'lol start walking in his own. I truly believe he will be walking around his first birthday. He's a smarty pants. He knows that the t.v. remote turns in the t.v.. He has turned it one a few times and when he does he'll hold the remote up towards the t.v.. He tries to turn movies on I guess. Hahaha! It's pretty cute to watch. It shows is that he's pretty observant. Oh! Corbin's hair has also really started to come in. And we have learned that he is not blonde like we have thought for the last several months. He is a red head! He's our little Irish boy. Which I must admit I'm pretty excited about. 

For a long time while growing up, I was always jealous of Cameron (my twin brother) for having red hair. I mean, it was RED! Thick and beautiful. Corbin's so far is a lighter red. Like a strawberry blonde. I must point out (brag) that he also has blue eyes. Which I'm sure you have already noticed. This means that Corbin has one of the rarest combos of hair and eye color. The rarest for red heads. While red heads are the rarest anyway, it is even more rare for a red head to have blue eyes. So that's pretty freakin' awesome. :) 

Corbin is an adorable baby boy who like his older brother steals the hearts of strangers every where we go. People are always calling him blue eyes. Saying how cute and precious our boys our. I love to see strangers faces light up and their hearts melt whenever they smile at them. I must say, it's an extra bonus to have adorable kids that the world loves. :)