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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mother of Two

Becoming a mother to Alister was both terrifying and exciting. Becoming a mother to a second son brought new fears. Will I be able to divide my time evenly? Will I feel too drained? I now have two future Elders to teach and nurture. Will I be good enough? Will I teach them enough? Will they learn compassion and become tender hearted? Will they know charity? ... I have two future Elders. Over time, that fear has turned to excitement.  One that I'm not sure I would have come to know this early in the game if it weren't for all the wonderful Elders I've met here in Indiana.  I watched some youtube videos of missionaries returning home a while back.  A couple of them the sons raced to their mothers and embraced them and wouldn't let go.  I totally balled my eyes out.  It made me hope that I could one day know that feeling of joy, love, pride and relief to embrace my son after two years.

Being a mother of two boys has its own kind of pride. One that I'm so happy to know. I got a blessing a couple weeks ago from Adam and it was such a good reminder that The Lord has called me to be a mother.  That He has placed his trust in me.  That when I have doubt, He still has hope.  For that I am so grateful.

We get compliments everywhere we go on Alister and Corbin.  About how cute they are, Alister's hair, their blue eyes, Corbin's red hair, their good behavior.  People can't help but smile when they see those two smile.  When they watch as Corbin clings to me while sometimes flashing a smile their way.  If only these strangers knew just how much I truly do appreciate those compliments.  And while I do, I also wish they could know just how wonderful they really are.  I'll do my best to raise these boys in hopes that one day, they will both serve missions and they will be able to touch so many peoples lives.  Just as so many missionaries have touched ours. I hope that some of those returned missionaries read this.  Because I want them to know, that we love them. We miss them. We hope that they will continue to reach out and touch peoples lives with service, selflessness and charity.

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