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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Called Away

Alright. Now to tell you where we are moving.

When Adam and I went to the temple, in hopes for an answer, we honestly thought the decision would be left up to us. What a weighing thought. But, to our surprise we each, individually, received an answer.

We had planned on going to the 4 o'clock session. Well we were running behind. We got to the temple around 3:50 pm. A couple of older women stopped us in front of the doors to ask if I could take their picture. I politely agreed, and took their picture with their disposable camera. That felt weird. Anyway. We only had about 5 minutes to make it to the session. We split up with plans to meet in the chapel. Pay attention to the time line. That is important.

Adam made it just in time for the session and sat down just as everyone was told to leave. Adam didn't see me at all and asked some workers to look for me in the dressing room. No one found me. Adam waited in the chapel until about 4:10 pm. Now, when Adam left there were three people waiting for the next session, the organist, and a worker sitting at the pulpit. Adam, thinking he had just missed me and I was in the session with out him, then spoke to a worker and left to do Initiatories. Now it gets weird.

I didn't get in there until 4:05 pm. There wasn't a soul in there. No one was waiting for the next session, the organist wasn't playing music, and there was no worker at the pulpit. No one was in the chapel. I waited around the lobby until about 4:20pm. I then thought Adam had gone into the session without me and spoke to a worker and did Initiatories myself.

Adam received his answer while doing Initiatories. Awesome.  I won't go into detail, because that's Adam's personal experience.  After Adam was done he went up to the Celestial room to wait for me to be done with the session... But I never showed up. So he went and got dressed.

I did not receive my answer until after while waiting in the lobby for Adam. I was looking at a painting of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, when the smallest voice told me, "Go to Indiana". Not even a minute later, Adam came out of the dressing room. (:

That's right people! We're going to Indiana! Fort Wayne to be exact. When exactly, not quite sure yet.   Most likely the middle of May.  We are so excited to start this new adventure at a family.

I bare testimony that the Lord has a plan for us.  He sends us where we need to be at the right time in lives.  He answers our prayers when we are humbled and ready.  We feel that we are not only being sent out to Indiana for ourselves, but for others.  We can not wait to meet new people and find out what services we get to perform for them and the Lord.  If you have ever prayed for an answer as to where to live in your life and received an answer, you know what a comforting feeling it is to know where the Lord wants you.  It's a different feeling when you have prayed and received an answer with your spouse.  What a blessing.

There is probably so much more I could say on this topic, but my mind is turning to mush.

So... Take Luck!  (;


Because we moved (to St. George for the time being) the day before Easter, not much was planned. I had planned a dinner a couple weeks before hand so that was done. But other then church, that's all really. We did however get great pictures of Alister. He know seems to know what the camera is, so when he sees you pointing it at him he gives a smile. (: so darn cute! Adam actually took all the ones of Alister, so that's his work. (: We hope you had a wonderful Easter. Always remember The Lord and his sacrifice for us.