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Friday, March 29, 2013

Ask and Thou Shalt Recieve

Life has been full of twists and turns lately. And there had been one big question on our minds. Where are we going to move.

Our lease ends March 31st and we knew we didn't want to stay in this house. Sure it has great curb appeal... Or it did. Anyway, lets jump back, oh... Four months.

Back in November while driving home from Kanab on a beautiful fall day, Adam asked a life changing question. He asked if he could apply for a new job. One that was... Far away. I responded with a yes. What harm could come of it. It would be fun to see if he could get an interview. Little did we know on that car ride home, just how life changing it would be.

Adam applied for the job, and on the application was told that serious candidates would be contacted within two weeks time of the application. Well those two weeks went by and nothing happened. Three more weeks went by with no changing news. Adam had finally excepted that he was not getting that interview. Well just two or three days later, he received an email. He got the interview. What a delightful surprise! Well the interview was until the beginning of February. We had to play the game. No problem.

The interview came and it could not have gone better. Adam was the tenth interviewee in two days and the only one that the interviewer had liked. So, needless to say, he got a second interview. He just had that recently and they are going t fly he and I out for the third and final interview. We fly out April 18th.

Now, since we found this out, we have wanted to know, where are we wanted by The Lord. We have had this question for weeks. Well, on March 16th, we received our answer in the temple.

Now, our experience in the temple is a whole story of its own. So we'll discuss that later. The important part right now is that we received the answer to go. Now, I'm sure you knew that with reading this blog post. If the answer was to stay I would not have written it. We are needed i this far away place. What an exciting adventure.

I'm sure you are sitting on the edge of your seat, bitting your nails just waiting to read where this far away place is exactly. Well I'll tell you. In our next blog post! HA!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's

Well, this year we didn't do a lot for St. Patrick's but that's okay.  We had Lucky Charms and green milk for breakfast so that's fun and easy.  We wanted to play outside but it was windy so that was a bust.  But here's a few pictures.

Eight Months

Not a ton to update on, so here's a few pictures to enjoy.  :)

Seven Months

Oh my goodness.  Seven months old.  And he's spent almost the whole time being sick.  He got a cold and got better after about a week.  Then a few days later got sick again, so now he has bronchitis.  Super lame.  He handles being sick well though.  He's a brave little boy.  He's been eating mush (solids) a little before he turned six months old.  He loves it.  :)  He's liked almost everything I've given him.