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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Alister - Two Years

Two.... Two! I can't believe he's two! (now I can since this is going up so late.) But we had so much fun for his birthday! We took him to his favorite place... the Zoo! Plus, my family was here to celebrate with us!

I'll never forget the night I went into labor with Alister.  Some of you may remember that we were going to name him Conner Joseph.  But, as my due date got closer, that just didn't feel right.  Then one morning Adam thought, "What about Alister Pratt?" I loved it. :) We loved it.  That was the name.  Later that night, I went into labor and Alister came the next day at 1:47pm. After 14 hours of active labor and 3 hours of pushing, the little boy we had been dreaming of had finally joined us.  Like any proud parent, we knew he was special.  Still do.  Now, he's a tender-hearted little boy who shows empathy and exudes sweetness.  We couldn't be prouder to watch him grow, laugh, love, learn and enjoy life.  We love you so much Alister.

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