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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Corbin - Nine Months

Well, only three months until the first birthday... My goodness! Our baby is growing up so fast. Corning can now crawl! Which is awesome. He seems to be happier. :) Although, he still doesn't sleep through the night so there's that factor. If he did I'm sure he would be even happier. We all would. ;) He gets very distracted while eating so much of the time I have to take him to the nursery and make him eat. He does better when we're alone. Corbin is a big momma' boy. He wants to be held by momma. He wants to be near momma. He wants to sit with momma. He was to play with momma. He wants to wake her up several times a night so he can be rocked backed to sleep by momma. As tiring as it all is, I'm okay with it. He won't be little forever. He's my little buddy.  

Corbin also, adores his dad and brother. When Corbin does something that Alister can do, he gets all excited. :) He gets so excited when dad walks through the door. If I'm holding him, he'll get all four limbs going. 

Corbin has also started spoon feeding himself. :D He loves to do it. And when he does need help, I'll load the spoon and he'll take it, feed himself then give me the spoon back. Now, if I could get him to take a sippy cup...