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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Blood Runs Pink

Yesterday was the new fiscal year for Mary Kay. I wanted to start day off strong. It wasn't quite up to par, but I'm pleased with knowing I tried my best. But I don't want to talk about that today. I want to talk about why I joined and why I have stuck with it. 

I joined Mary Kay February 26, 2014. I wanted to help bring in a little money and hopefully build some self confidence. Because let's be real, most of us need to  some extent. When I first started, it was exciting, confusing and intimidating. I had entered a wonderland filled with positive women who wanted to see you succeed. I hadn't actually met any of these women though, they were a recording on my screen that I could pause and rewind. While that was motivating, I longed for someone to stand beside me and teach me. To guide me. To look at me and say "you CAN do this". Unfortunately, that moment never came for me. I was unaware, however, that a director should have done all those things from the beginning. I had waited for a phone call from some mysterious lady who would tell me about these so called "unit meetings" and other import details. That phone call never came. Eventually, I had forgotten that such a phone call should have come. It faded from a memory to a forgotten thought. 

At this point, the enthusiasm that burned within me, faded to a flicker. Confusion and intimidation ran wild creating chaos and fear in my heart and mind. All hope was lost and forgotten. 

I sold product here and there. Mainly to family, a.k.a my mom. Once in a while I would be on the Mary Kay Intouch website trying to navigate my way through while stumbling across stunning prizes and gifts. I couldn't quite figure out how to earn such lavish items. And those I did comprehend seemed so far from reach. 

When February 26, 2015 started to near, I thought to myself that I have to decide if I'm going to continue doing this, what seemed at the time, impossible journey. The decision was daunting. However, I felt abandoned and lost. I had read a little hear and there about team-building. The idea sent fear rushing through out my body. I had no idea what I was doing, no confidence, full of doubt and thoughts that I was not good. Why in the world would I ask someone to join my team? It was laughable. About a week before my year mark, I booked my first party. Let me repeat. My FIRST party. I was set for the beginning of March. I was so scared and excited! I had no idea what to do. So, I watched videos and YouTube. Well, the party came and I didn't completely fail!  I made a few small sales, which was liberating. But I made no bookings. Disappointment. 

Well, April rolled around and my Director, that mysterious woman who never called, added me to a discussion board. I posted about being lost and needing help. No responses. Well, on May 9th, I decided to post once more but in a different area in the discussion board. The next day at church, in Relief Society, we had a lesson on The Book of Mormon. The teacher had challenge cards to read the entire book in 30, 60 or 90 days. Well with two toddlers I went for the 90 day challenge. I made a commitment in my heart with my Heavenly Father that I would complete this challenge. Apparently, He believed me, because that night I got a response to my post! Then Monday came and I got another response. Someone who gave me four names of Directors in my area. One of these names stuck out, so I looked her up in the Mary Kay website and there was her number. My heart skipped a beat. I sent her a text. My head raced for the next couple of hours hoping and praying a response would come. 

While along dinner, a miracle happened. She texted me back. What?! I was literally jumping up and down, screaming and dancing in the kitchen like a teenage girl who just got a text from her crush. I was elated! I promptly texted her back after doing my jig in the kitchen. She invited me to come to her unit meeting held every Tuesday evening. Which could not come fast enough my friends! I was so excited! 

That first meeting I just soaked it all in while grinning. I probably looked like some creeper in the back. But these women didn't know just how much they meant to me already. They were my beacon in a raging storm of emotion and trial. That burning fire that faded out was reignited that night. A passion grows inside me at a rapid pace. I want to know all I can and be all I can be. I have dreams which I plan on making a reality. While my confidence may still struggle at times and some days seem dark and impossible, deep inside I know that with The Lord's help I can accomplish anything. Hey knows that I truly desire to help make a difference in people's lives and I know I can do that with Mary Kay. So watch me as I learn to fly because honey, I will soar. 

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