established 10 august 2009

Monday, August 8, 2016


Seven years. Four states. Eight cities. Three dogs. One cat. Two mice. One hedgehog. Four gold fish. Fourteen jobs (between us). Two beautiful boys. Endless dreams. And one marriage. 

Our marriage has been full of happiness, laughter, support, growth and learning. With some heartache. But the trumps the bad. Which is just how it should be. 

Eight years ago we were an eighteen and twenty-two year who met on LDS Temple grounds. Adam was a newly returned missionary. I was a broken eighteen year old who had recently experience serve depression, anxiety, panic and self confidence tear down from a boy who mentally and emotionally abused the light out of me. Needless to say no matter how much I wanted to experience what it truly meant to be accepted and loved by another man I felt unworthy. 

Then I met Adam. This tall, blonde man caught my eye right from the start. And well, the rest is history. 

The point is, Adam is the person who truly cares to patch me up. To pick me up. To watch me succeed. To believe in me. And see my true potential as person, woman, leader, wife and mother. 

Adam is original. Smart. Curious. Funny. Resourceful. Innovative. Courageous. Spiritual. Witty. Loving. And humble. H

Adam, you are my life, light, home, companion, rock, example and best friend. The things a husband should be and more. You make my life brighter and more joyful. You make me happier when I am down. You always know what to say or have me do when I truly need it most. You are the Angel the Lord sent me because he can not be here physically with me. So he sent the next best person you he could think of for me. He sent you. I love you so much more then even I understand. And more time will only make that stronger. 

Happy Seventh Anniversary my love.