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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Smiles and Noises

Alister has been smiling on purpose for almost two weeks now. :) He's also begun making new sounds. I'll lay him in his bassinet and turn on the mobile and he'll smile at it and talk to it. It is, of course, absolutely adorable. It's wonderfully amazing to watch him grow so well and quickly. I believe he is going to be tall like his Dad. In fact, I would not be surprised if by the time he is twelve he surpasses my height.

The excitement to watch Alister grow is indescribable. We've discovered that he likes to watch the ceiling fan... When it's not on. :) Adorable. He's getting better and better at holding his head up by himself.

You know, growing up myself, I never really imagined having children. I was so career driven. There are still things I would like to do. Eventually, I would love to finish cosmetology school and get my license. But, I can't imagine a better job then being a mother. A stay at home mother. We are truly blessed that I can stay at home and be with Alister, and I enjoy everyday. No matter how tired I am at times. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three Years of Marriage, Four Years of Friendship

10 August 2012

Our three year anniversary.  Words to describe it... hmmm. It was fabulous, wonderful, spectacular and the best!  Adam planned a weekend surprise for me.  With all I do for Alister, he wanted to give me something special.  So, to show his appreciation, he surprised me with Idaho Falls!  We stayed at a hotel called the Destinations Inn.  It has different themed rooms.  We stayed in the Thailand room.  They gave us the most wonderful cheesecake and a bottle of Sparkling Cider.  Along with that, our friends, Fred, Nita, Charles and Nancy all came and we had Chinese food from Yummy House (one of our favorite restaurants in Idaho Falls) and we watched Kung Pow!  It was so much fun seeing our friends again and being in Idaho.

The next day, Saturday, we did whatever we wanted.  We stopped by our old apartment and went shopping.  We hung out with Fred and Nita for most of that day.  We went and looked at a house with them, which was fantastic.

Sunday, we stayed at the Super 8 and went and had breakfast at the Villa Coffe House.  Then went to one of our favorite places, Sportsmens Park.  :)  Then, we drove home.  All in all, was had a wonderful time.

My parents watched Alister for us, so we spent the weekend with just the two of us.  It was nice.  Don't get me wrong, we love our baby and we missed him, but it was good for us to have the time alone.  :)

Here's some pictures.  We didn't think to take them when we first arrived, so the room is messy.

Along with our wonderful three years of marriage, it was also four years from the day we met and became instant friends.  :)  I can't believe its been that long already.  I can remember meeting Adam like it was almost yesterday.  Its amazing how much our love has grown and continues to grow.  I love Adam more than I can express.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Missing Idaho

Since I grew up in one town and in one house for the majority of my life, I never knew it possible to miss a place so much.  We only lived in Idaho for a year, but I definitely left a piece of my heart there.  I miss the scenery, and the beautiful seasons.  I miss our friends.  I miss it all.  I fell in love with Idaho.

Honestly, when we first moved there, I wasn't too sure about it.  I wondered if we had made a mistake. But, after a couple of months, that "mistake" turned into a dream.  I couldn't believe how lucky we were to live there.

When we decided to move back to St. George, it was because we felt that our need to be there had ended.  For what ever reason we moved there had been accomplished and it was time to move on.

We haven't been back since we moved.  But, someday, we'll go back.  I'd love to move back.  But, there's no way I could now, with Alister.  I couldn't take my parents first grandchild away.  And, Bob and Kathy's other two grandchildren live in Florida.

But, no matter how much I miss Idaho, I'm so glad to be living where I know the Lord wants us to be right now.  Who knows if this is where we will stay or if we'll move far away one day.  If we move one day, then great.  If we stay in Cedar City, then that's great, too.  As long as we are where we are suppose to be.

Baby Shower

Okay, okay.  So, the shower was 2 months ago.  But I thought I'd post about it briefly and put up some pictures.

It was mostly family that came and my dear friend Ilana.  It was very small and relaxed.  We didn't play any games.  Yay.  We just visited, ate, and opened gifts.

My sister, Natalie, took some pictures with here brand new camera.  So, here's a few of those.

And, thank you, once more, to those that came.  :)

One Month

August 2nd, our dear little Alister came into the world one month ago.  I can't believe it.  What a joy he is in our life.  We are doing well.  Alister is healthy and strong.  He's a very special boy.  Since he's still so little he's not smiling yet.  On purpose anyway.  :)  He can lift his head and hold it up for a short time.  He gets the hiccups a lot.  Its so cute.  He also sneezes quite often.  Which is also very cute.  :)  We are both so proud of him already.  Adam is a very proud daddy.  I love seeing them interact.  Having our own little family brings so much happiness in my life.

People ask, "So, how many more do you want?"  Honestly, I really don't know.  I don't really believe that's our choice.  I believe we'll have as many as we're suppose to have.  :)  Which, I'm completely at peace with.

My parents were a big help the first couple of weeks.  Both my parents stayed with us for a few days to help out.  They stayed up at night with Alister so we could get some rest.  My mother stayed for a week while my dad and Adam had to go back to work.  I appreciated her help so much.  It was such a blessing.  :)  I have the greatest parents.

Here are a few pictures of Alister at one month.