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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blessed from Trial

Today marks one week until Alister and I head home. I'm, of course, thrilled! Yet... it will be much harder to say goodbye to my family this time. Spending this much time with them has allowed us to grow even closer as a family. It has truly been a blessing and an inspired event from Heavenly Father. I love my family dearly and will never be able to fully express my appreciation and gratitude for everything they have done for me and Alister these past few months. But, as much as I will miss them, it is time to go home. It is time to move on with our own lives. And I'm excited to see what lies ahead in Indiana. (: 

I feel that there is so much more I could say, but I feel out of words right now. I'll probably come back later and write them down. 

Until then, listen to the spirit. Follow The Lord. For he truly knows what is best. We may not see it right away, but the reason for everything will one day be revealed to us. So keep your faith high. Keep your ears alert. Keep your heart open. And, perhaps most importantly, keep your spirit clean. Life is so much better that way. (: