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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pray. Just Do It.

So sometimes, like today, I pray when I'm feeling really down. I'm never quite sure what I'm going to say or if I will seek help. But, I just kneel down and pray. And sometimes, I don't feel much better if at all when I'm done. Like today. It was a sorrowful prayer full of pain. And at the end, I just felt drained. Exhausted and ready for sleep. But, I got up, and came out of my room. And I decided to put on some makeup in hopes to feel better and motivate myself from crying more. And that was probably about an hour ago. And you know what? I'm starting to feel better? But why? Well, here's my thought.

I truly believe that our Savior knows us best. Better then we know ourselves. So, I believe, that my Heavenly Father was truly listening to me as I poured out my heart to him with a heavy heart. I did not receive a warm embrace of comfort. I did not receive a random phone call from a friend or anything of that sort. But I believe my that my Lord knows me and guides me. He knows that doing makeup is not just a thing for me to do, to make myself look pretty, but that its therapeutic for me. It's a creative outlet. And guiding me to do this one simple thing, helped me feel better.

Now, you may be thinking, no. He did not lead you to put on makeup. That's something thats just in your routine. Well, no, it's not. I don't wear makeup everyday. And I was intentionally going to skip on it today. But, then "randomly" decided otherwise. Doing that simple task allowed me to not only feel better, but to realize that yes, my Savior was listening. He does care. He does love me. He does know me. And that's enough to keep me going for another day.

So, even when you don't know what to say in a prayer or maybe you don't even feel like praying. Just do it. Kneel down, humble yourself, and pray. And then pay attention to how your Heavenly Father will help you to feel better that day.

Pray. Just do it.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Finding Jesus Christ

We spent the evening at my mother and father in laws home, where we consumed delicious Dutch oven food and had family home evening. In their home they have a picture of Jesus in their dining room along with two statues and one statue in the living room. Now, the one in the living room was in the dining room and our boys noticed that he was now missing. 

They proceeded to ask where he had gone and we went and found him the living room where they were very excited to find Jesus. Grandma then told them there were three more in the dining room and asked if they could find all three. They went searching and found the two statutes but needed help from grandpa to find the third. 

What a joy it was to watch my boys with their grandparents quietly looking at a picture of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

What a wonderful and gentle reminder of what is truly important in this life. That is finding Christ and developing a relationship with him. One that is strong enough that we are continually striving to be more like our Savoir. Our brother. Our friend. And I don't think anything could make me happier then to know that my boys express an interest and love for Jesus at such a tough and innocent age. 

I pray that their relationship with their Savior will only continue to grow. That they will hold that love close to their hearts. May we all learn from that pure love that children naturally hold and learn that we can once again be as little children.