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Monday, November 10, 2014

No Regrets

As I sit here rocking Corbin, watching his eyes become heavy as he drifts off to sleep, I ponder to myself. Corbin is now ten months old. I still have to rock him to sleep. And while I am exhausted and sick at the moment, and can not help but think that I will never regret rocking my children. Yes, Corbin does not sleep well so I am going to start sleep training very soon, or we will all loose our minds. But still, I don't regret a single day or night of rocking Corbin. The same goes for Alister. 

Alister didn't start sleeping through the night until 14 months I believe. And I rocked him to sleep. The reason I stopped was because I was pregnant with Corbin and I was getting to big to comfortably rock Alister. Plus, I knew things had to change before the new baby. No matter how much I knew that at times, I would look back on the days when I could rock Alister and miss it. He was our first baby boy. I will always look back in fondness. I remember my first birthday after Alister was born. I got up in the middle of the night to feed Alister. When I sat in my rocker I looked over to see a wrapped gift and card. Something "from" Alister. I the card, Adam wrote as if it were Alisters words. In it read, "this is our special time". I read that and knew it to be true. Even though I was tired and worn out, it was a special time with my son. As Alister laid there in my arms, I gazed upon him telling him that it was a very special time. That I love him so much, kissing his face as he sleep. 

While it is easier to sleep train babies at a younger age, I do not regret my choices. While I rocked I got to look upon those precious faces. I could feel them breath and watch them dream. I've known people who don't ever rock their children to sleep because they don't want to encourage that habit. While logically I can agree that, that is very smart, emotionally I feel sad for them. Rocking my boys has grown to be one of my favorite things. And now, I will be sleep training Corbin soon. I will have to give up rocking him to sleep. Quite honestly, it makes me very sad. My baby is growing up. I think it makes me even more sad then when I stopped rocking Alister because we are not planning to have any more children. A decision I do not regret but I will miss rocking our babies. They are only tiny for a short time. The window to enjoy such pleasures is very small. One that I know I have enjoyed fully. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ten Months - Corbin

At ten months. Wow wee! Two more months until his first birthday. I just can't. He grew up too fast. But at ten months Corbin doing really well. Other then sleep still. But he's crawling and climbing up stairs. His favorite thing to do is to practice walking. Which Is great! The more he does it the sooner he'lol start walking in his own. I truly believe he will be walking around his first birthday. He's a smarty pants. He knows that the t.v. remote turns in the t.v.. He has turned it one a few times and when he does he'll hold the remote up towards the t.v.. He tries to turn movies on I guess. Hahaha! It's pretty cute to watch. It shows is that he's pretty observant. Oh! Corbin's hair has also really started to come in. And we have learned that he is not blonde like we have thought for the last several months. He is a red head! He's our little Irish boy. Which I must admit I'm pretty excited about. 

For a long time while growing up, I was always jealous of Cameron (my twin brother) for having red hair. I mean, it was RED! Thick and beautiful. Corbin's so far is a lighter red. Like a strawberry blonde. I must point out (brag) that he also has blue eyes. Which I'm sure you have already noticed. This means that Corbin has one of the rarest combos of hair and eye color. The rarest for red heads. While red heads are the rarest anyway, it is even more rare for a red head to have blue eyes. So that's pretty freakin' awesome. :) 

Corbin is an adorable baby boy who like his older brother steals the hearts of strangers every where we go. People are always calling him blue eyes. Saying how cute and precious our boys our. I love to see strangers faces light up and their hearts melt whenever they smile at them. I must say, it's an extra bonus to have adorable kids that the world loves. :) 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Corbin - Nine Months

Well, only three months until the first birthday... My goodness! Our baby is growing up so fast. Corning can now crawl! Which is awesome. He seems to be happier. :) Although, he still doesn't sleep through the night so there's that factor. If he did I'm sure he would be even happier. We all would. ;) He gets very distracted while eating so much of the time I have to take him to the nursery and make him eat. He does better when we're alone. Corbin is a big momma' boy. He wants to be held by momma. He wants to be near momma. He wants to sit with momma. He was to play with momma. He wants to wake her up several times a night so he can be rocked backed to sleep by momma. As tiring as it all is, I'm okay with it. He won't be little forever. He's my little buddy.  

Corbin also, adores his dad and brother. When Corbin does something that Alister can do, he gets all excited. :) He gets so excited when dad walks through the door. If I'm holding him, he'll get all four limbs going. 

Corbin has also started spoon feeding himself. :D He loves to do it. And when he does need help, I'll load the spoon and he'll take it, feed himself then give me the spoon back. Now, if I could get him to take a sippy cup...

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Yes. You read the title right. We we're poisoned. Adam, Alister and I got food poisoning. The most likely culprit: Nectarines. We believe they weren't waded properly of pesticides. 

Now, depending on the bacteria, or in this case chemical, as how much it can take anywhere from 12-72 hours before the body starts to reject the poison. For us, it was closer to 24 hours. 

First, I just want to thank The Lord for watching over my family. He warned us that something was going to happen. Thursday morning I felt anxious. Like something was wrong or would be wrong. I tried calling Adam but he was busy at work. I texted family and friends to ask if they were alright. I called them. I even went to my neighbor, Bob, and knocked on his door (no answer) to see if he was okay. Finally, Adam called me. He explained that he wasn't sure if he should call me or just wanted to call me. So he called. I explained how I had been feeling and he felt the same. He ended up coming home because of it. Within 2-3 hours we starting feeling bad. And it got worse and worse. Then Alister got sick, too. We figured it was good poisoning and didn't know what to do. Later that evening, Adam asked the missionaries to come over and give us blessings. I am so grateful to them for that service. They then went to the store and picked up some items for us and our sour tummies. 

I won't give any horrific details, but there is one other thing I really want to say. It is one thing to be poisoned yourself and have to go through the process of getting the poison out. It is also another thing to watch your spouse go through it. At least they can communicate and let you know they feel sick. But, to watch your young child go through such a trial is an entirely different experience. Now, Alister has been sick before, but never like to this extreme. He wanted to be held more then normal. He would become fussy and cry while nauseated. He ended up sleeping in our room on our floor. Now, Alister doesn't talk a lot still. He doesn't have a big vocabulary or say simple 2-3 word sentences. So he can't tell us when something is wrong. But we have one brave, strong boy. After all he went through, he could still find moments to be happy. He still laughed and played and smiled. He has one of the sweetest, genuine souls we have ever known. And we are so proud of him. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Innocent Smile

This evening, as I was reading stories to my boys before bedtime, I watched Alister point out Jesus in his books. (He has several church books). It made me think, how I have witnessed both of my children smile at pictures of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ at just weeks old. A beautiful smile full of light. One that says, "I know you. I've seen you. I love you."  The power in that smile is one unlike any other for me. Those moments have reinforced the knowledge I have that Christ lives. He lives. Our children were with him, before they came to this earth. We were too. I know my Savior lives. He love me. He love my children. He loves my husband. He loves us even with our imperfections. I love him. I know my children love him. They know him. So when you see your baby smile at Jesus, know that it is not an innocent smile of coincidence. It is with purpose. Remember, "I know you. I've seen you. I love you."

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Corbin - Six Months

Well, we're already to the half way point to a year! My goodness! Corbin is now sitting. He is also rolling from his back to his tummy. The first day he did that, I got so excited and kept telling him how proud I was of him. He just kept smiling. He's eating veggies now and loves them. We love him to pieces and couldn't be happier. I'm so glad he came when he did. 


-eating his veggies.
-being anywhere with mom. 
-watching Alister.


-being left alone
-car rides (usually) 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Will Not Be Silent

Last night, for the time in my life, someone told me that Joseph Smith was a con man. Now, I have heard this phrase before. But, I have never been told this directly. I must say I was flooded with emotion. Anger and hurt filled me and my mind raced with fiery remarks. Before replying (via an app on my phone) I said a prayer. One to help calm me and to help me say the right things. I'm glad I did. 

As I laid there in my bed, typing on my phone, I was astonished at the closemindedness of this boy. I told him that I would not be silent about his accusations against Joseph Smith. For the Holy Ghost has bore witness to me the Joseph Smith was and is a true prophet. And he did again last night. 

Now, I do not write this to boast. I wrote this because I feel I must. I need to let you know that I known of the truthfulness o f the gospel. But, mostly at this time, to let you know that Joseph Smith saw the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. That pure and innocent boy spoke with them. He sought out the truth and was given an answer. He saw that pillar of light shine down upon him. He translated the Book of Mormon. This I know. Joseph Smith restored this church and the fullness of the gospel. He died a martyr. Because he knew the truth and had the courage to stand strong and tall for it. He never denied the vision. He never denied Christ. He never denied the truth. For he knew what he saw. 

I know all of this to be true. And I will never deny it. I Iove this gospel. I love my Savior. And I say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Five Years Ago There Came A Ring

On May 26, 2009 an epic event that changed time and lives to place.

Check it!

This one isn't of the ring, but I just that smile! Don't you? 
That smile is what won me over. ;)

I'm so glad he asked.  I'm happy I said yes.  And I wouldn't change a thing.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Corbin - Five Months

Five months. Corbin is growing up! There's really not much new to report. He's working on teething. By this time Alister already had to front bottom teeth for a month. He's eating rice cereal still. He enjoys eating. I can usually tell when he's done because starts talking with food in his mouth. It's absolutely adorable. He's generally happy still. My only real complaint is that his sleeping habits are not good. But I know it won't last. So, I'm trying hard to be patient. We sure do love this smiley boy. :)

Corbin - Four Months

Our baby is four months old! And my oh my, don't we love him. :) He had his doctors visit and is very healthy. His weight is a little low from where the doctor would like to see it. So, we are now starting to supplement with formula. The first time I gave it to him, I only made two ounces. He did just fine with it. :) no problem with switching over. The day before his visit we had decided that we would need to start supplementing anyway. Perfect timing. :) 

He grew two and a half inches in length. But, he's still small. His head on the other hand, is in the 95% percentile. So, he's got a big noggin. But, apart from his eczema, Doctor says he looks very healthy. :) 

Corbin is flipping from tummy to back more and more. Sometimes, it's hard to keep him on his tummy. :) 

- Being tossed in the air (gently, of course). 
- Going upside down. 
- Getting scared. 
- Tummy time (for a short time). 
- Watching people. 
- Sitting. 
- Standing. 
- Bath time. 


- Being alone.  He really likes to be with someone almost constantly.

Weight: 12.7 lbs.   6%
Length: 24 3/4 in.  37%
OFC: 43.5 cm       95%

Corbin - Three Months

Our little guy is growing up! As sad as it is that the newborn stage is over (it sure doesn't last long enough) I'm so excited to see him growing stronger and bigger.

This little guy, unfortunately, developed eczema between 1-2 months of age. It truly bothers him at times. He'll get extremely fussy at times because it itches. I have to slather him in Aquaphor several times a day. He had to be bathed everyday. He also develops sores at times from the eczema. Poor little guy. :( But, despite being uncomfortable at times, Corbin is a very happy little guy. 

He smiles a lot, then acts shy. It's adorable. :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Penny for My Thoughts

As I sit hear in my rocker, holding Corbin while he snores, I can't help but think about many different things. Like, how sorry I am that my fathers dog, Sigira, is lost. She and my dad are best buds. I prayed to my Father in Heaven that she might be found. Perhaps a childish thing to do, but I know that my Father in Heaven cares because I care. I know He listened to my heart felt prayer. 

I think of how at home I feel here in Indiana. I was born in the Midwest, moved to Utah around eighteen months of age. I didn't come back until a year ago when we came for Adams interview with Sweetwater. I have to tell you, when we were driving away from the airport and into Fort Wayne, I began to cry. I was so over come with emotion. I had never felt that way, but I felt as if I had come home. For the first time in my life, I knew exactly where I belonged. (Location wise). I was so happy to have come home. I was even more thrilled that I knew we would be moving there.  Even though Adam hadn't had his interview yet. Thanks to the power of prayer, we already knew he would get the job. I love Indiana. I love the Midwest. 

I do miss Idaho, though. When I started dancing in high school, people started asking me what I liked more. Dancing or singing. What a hard decision. Eventually, I came up with the perfect answer. Singing is my first love, but dancing is my passion. It's the same basic principle for Idaho and Indiana. Idaho is my first love, but Indiana (or the Midwest) is my home. There will always be a special place in my heart for Idaho. But here, I am home. 

I sit here gazing at Corbin as he falls in and out of sleep. Looking at my beautiful and perfect boy. Is his head perfectly round? No. Is his skin flawless? No. (He suffers from eczema).  But he's perfect. 

I think of Alister as he takes his nap about how he'll be two in just a couple months. How much we love that sweet, innocent boy. We worry a little that he's not conversing. He doesn't say many words. But, yet, I don't feel there's anything wrong. He understands a lot of simple instructions. He knows what a lot of things are. I'm hoping that one day, perhaps around two, he'll just start talking. But, we'll wait and find out. Perhaps there's a reason that God has for his delayed speech. A lesson somewhere. I try hard to not worry and be patient. He did a lot of other things later then most children. So maybe this is one of those things. 

I also sit and think of Adam. Come August we will be married five years. Five years! We'll have known each other for six. I can remember the day we met so well. We've now lived in four cities, moved five times, had three dogs, one cat, two mice, seven cars, several adventures and two beautiful boys. Adam is my best friend. He knows all there is to know about me. He accepts all my faults. He likes that I'm short. He's proud of me. He's thankful for me. He makes me a better and more patient person. He thinks I'm beautiful, even when I don't believe him. We've gone through very tough trials. But, we held strong. And now, we're stronger and closer for it. Adams smile warms my heart. When I hear him talk about the gospel and bear his testimony, I fall in love with him even more. When I see him play and hold our boys, I fall even more in love. We're not perfect. No one is perfect. But, even with his faults, I love Adam with all my being. I always will. 

I think often of The Lord. His gospel and how essential it is to my life. I couldn't imagine going through life without it. I wonder how someone can. As I've lived here in Fort Wayne, I have witnessed the inspiration of the of the missionaries. When over for dinner, they have left us with spiritual thoughts that pertain to our current situation without knowing what it is themselves. They have dropped by our our apartment just to say hello when we needed them most. To see young men who are so powerfully intune with the spirit is a wonder to behold. I've now had the opportunity to go to lessons with the sister missionaries twice. It is a blessing. If ever, you have the opportunity, go. If your spouse has the opportunity, let them go. Do not deny them or yourself the blessing that come with helping the missionaries and The Lords children who are finding their way unto Christ. Also, let us pray unto him always. The Lord listens to all our prayers. He answers us. But we have to be listening back. I know that my Redeemer lives. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Corbin - Two Months

Corbin is now two months old... Awesome!  Generally, he has become a happy baby.  :)  He's very healthy and growing at a great rate.  He's small for his age, but still growing, so that's all that matters. 


Weight - 10 lbs. 9.6 oz   17%
Length - 22.25"              24%
OFC - 39.9 cm               80%

As you can see, he may be little, but he's got a giant head!  Like his big brother.  :)  (And dad)  ;)
He still gets me up once at night.  But, slowly he seems to be sleeping a little but longer.  So, hopefully soon...ish, he'll be sleeping through the night.  :)  I can't wait for that day!  I just hope it's sooner then later.  Alister didn't start sleeping through the night until 13 months old.  So, we'll see!

Corbin and Alister brighten my day.  :)  Even days when Alister is a but frustrating.  Those days I try and remember that he really is a good kid.  We're very blessed parents.  Both of our boys are healthy, handsome and happy.  :)  Mom and Dad love you both with all our hearts.


-same as last month.
-when I sing bad play guitar. (He smiles a bit) (: 
-being held. A lot. 


-same as last month 

I'll probably get some pictures up later.  I  just really wanted to get this up while both of the boys are sleeping.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Maternity - Both Times

This blog is mostly just for pictures. I realized I never posted my maternity pictures while I was pregnant with Alister. So, I decided to put up both sets of pictures. Enjoy!



Corbin - One Month

Corbin is doing wonderfully. He's a good eater and sleeper. For the majority of the time, I only have to get up once a night with him. So that's awesome. He doesn't have another appointment until two months, so not really any updates.


-facing forward so he can see everything. 
-cuddling (when it suits him)
-pushing up with his legs to a standing position. 
-being held 
-being walked around  
-picture of Mary and Baby Jesus above the 


-diaper changes 
-getting dressed 
-tummy time (when he's hungry or tired)

Alister loves Corbin. :)

Corbin - Two Weeks

At two weeks, Corbin was longer and heavier. Which made us very happy. It took some work to get Alister to gain good weight. The fact that we haven't had to supplement has been awesome. I'm not "nursing" but I am exclusively pumping. Nursing is a challenge on it's own.

Anyway... Two weeks! Yay!

He already makes the cutest cooeing sounds. He's also very strong. And as long as he's not hungry or tired he doesn't mind tummy time. He's perfect. (:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Making a Change

EThis morning, I ponder to myself, as my baby boy sleeps next to me on the couch. I have reached a point in my life where I'm ready to make a change. Not one that will only be talked about or dreamed about. Ones that will become my reality. Today, I'm going to "step up". I'm going to strive to better my life. These changes will not only better my life, but be beneficial to my family as well. 

At the beginning of every year, people decide to make changes or goals. Things to better themselves and their lives. This year, I did the something. Although, now that I think back on it, I don't think I was truly ready to commit to those changes. I think I was excited off the high that simple comes to people at that time of year. But, now that my life has changed, I have come to the conclusion on my own to change. 

We now have two handsome boys. These boys who have captured my heart. These boys whose souls and hearts are pure. They also make me want to change. I want to be a better person for them. That I might be a wonderful example to them. Especially as they get older. Which is why now is the time to change. So it is well established and it's just part of who I am. 

So, I spent 18 months out of the last 27 of my life being pregnant. I no longer am familiar with my own body. I don't feel comfortable or condfident in my own skin. So, instead of mopping and feeling sorry for myself, I'm going to change it. I'm not going to diet, but change my lifestyle. I'm going to start by reading: Power Foods Lifestyle by Kristy Jo Hunt. 

Also, as many of you know, I jut started up my own Mary Kay business. I'm not even a week in and I'm already loving it. I started for a few reasons. One of them being, to build up my self-confidence. I know this is going to be great for me. Am I nervous? Yes. Overwhelmed? Yes. I mean, come on, I'm a mother of two boys under the age of two. (Side note: Alister turned twenty months old today). Excited? Absolutely. I can't wait to get this business going. 

I'm taking control of my life. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. I'm ready for a change. Will I struggle? Of course! Bettering your life isn't easy. Making change is hard. Will there be days I want to give up? You bet'cha! But, with prayer and encouragement, I know I can do and have it all. 

Take control of your life. Make the change. Be a better you. And never give up. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Corbin's Blessing

Due to the fact that most of our family would be in town, we decided to do the blessing earlier than most. Just like we did with Alister. Although, Alister was only six days old. Corbin was a little over a month.

It was a beautiful blessing. Of course. And powerful. Plus! My wonderful mother-in-law typed it out for us. Just like she did for Alister. (: so, we'll be able to print it and hang it up as a reminder of that joyous day. 

Our boys are our treasures. They are strong. They will touch many lives and be powerful missionaries. They will be wonderful examples through this life. This I know. Having two boys holds a special pride. One that I can not describe in plain words. But, I know that our boys are destined for a great life.

Corbin Joseph Briggs

Our little prince was born January 8th 2014 at 1:57pm. The delivery was smooth and much quicker then my first. And, it was beautiful.

Corbin measured at 20" long and weighed in at 7lbs. 5oz. He was bigger then Alister was at birth. He also has blonde hair, just like his dad's. (: