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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Even Little Hands Can Stop to Pray

Last week, Corbin began to fold his arms for prayer. While he may not fold them through all of prayer is fine by me. The fact that he does it all, is both satisfying and astonishing. To think that such a small boy and understand that when I say it's time for prayer, it's time to fold our arms as well. I'm so proud and happy that we can all fold our arms and be silent for a family prayer now. Corbin isn't quite sixteens months yet.  So you can imagine my joy and excitement to share such an important aspect of our life is already being accepted.

I love it when Alister kneels at his bedside to say prayer at bedtime before I ask.  He knows it's what we do.  While he may not fully understand it's importance yet, he understands that it's apart of our life.

I have witnessed that children recognize the Savior at a very young age.  I have witnessed that being consistent in showing little ones how to pray brings joy beyond belief.  Witnessing such moments has only increased my testimony of Jesus Christ.  In His love for his little ones.  It makes me reaffirms my belief that we are all born with the light of Christ.  That at a young age, we know Him.  We love Him.  And if we, as parents, continue to teach our little ones about Jesus and His teachings, that knowledge and love can grow into a relationship unlike any on this earth.  But as parents, it is our responsibility to not only teach these things, but we are to teach them with love and compassion.  With patience and kindness.  With strength and courage.

I don't believe I will ever tire of sharing my testimony with you all.  Especially since moving here to Indiana.  I have noticed a change in my soul.  It is more noticeable at times then others.  But, it is there.  That change is not only an increase of my love for the gospel, but an increase of compassion and love for those who are seeking truth and have not yet found it.  So I ask you, if you know someone who is in need of our Saviors love, please, share it with them.  Whether they accept it or not, is there one choice, but reach out.  Do not be ashamed.  Find courage.

Do not forget to kneel in prayer for yourself.  Teaching your little ones is important, but taking a few moments and conversing with your Heavenly Father is also important.  Perhaps even more so.  Because, if our children do not witness us praying, they may wonder if we do.  They may begin to wonder if we practice what we preach.  So kneel.  Bow your head and talk with your Father in Heaven.  For he longs to hear your voice.