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Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Little Cutie

I just wanted to show off some random pictures of our little boy.  I'm so excited for him to be getting older.  I will admit, when I see pictures of him as a new born, I kind of miss it.  But, nevertheless, I'm still really excited!  Little boys are so much fun.

Nap Time


He fell asleep in his high chair.  :)

Cartel loves Alister.

Brushing Alister's teeth.  
That's right, he has both is bottom teeth already.

First snow of the season.

Happy Thanksgiving.  :)

Christmas 2012

This Chirstmas was the most normal Christmas Adam and I have had since being married.  Hallelujah.
Year one, Christmas was spent with Adam's family in a cabin for, I believe, four days.  Year two, boxes filled our apartment in Idaho because we moved two or three days later.  Year three, Christmas at my parents house. . . I spent my time on the couch.  (Morning sickness)  Year four, this year.  In our own home, no boxes taking over the house, no sickness, just our little family enjoying our first Christmas together.  :)  It was great.  We helped Alister open gifts, which was a treat.  We eventually saw our families for Christmas dinner and all that jazz.  And, it was a white Christmas.  Woohoo!  Christmas with a child is so much better!  Anyway, hope your Christmas was just as fantastic as ours.  :)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

1st Christmas Pictures

One Year Older. . . How About Wiser?

Cameron and I celebrated our 23rd Birthday November 30th. :) That was a good day. I totally got spoiled. No doubt. It was a good birthday. I opened Adams gifts before he had to go to work. Fantastic. :) Alister also got me a couple gifts, wrapped in diapers. :) So sweet. He loves his mom.

Adam and I got to go to dinner. We went to this steakhouse called Anasazi. Ate good steak and chocolate fondu. :). You're jealous we know. Then we went to Adams parents house and had dessert with our families. It was great fun. :).

And i'm super lame and didn't take any pictures.  How cool am I.

Five Months

Our baby boy is now 5 months old. :) Goodness me. He's now sitting fairly well. That's exciting! He's already wearing his 6 month clothes. That's fun. And we're excited to start feeding him solids next month. Except its not Really solids, right. So, we're excited to start feeding Alister mush next month. Can't wait to get a video of that event. :)