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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines... Gross

So, Valentines is actually on of my least favorite holidays.  But, we had a little, simple date anyway.  :) We saw a movie, Rise of the Guardians.  And went to a Thai and Sushi restaurant called Benja's.  And we're lame and didn't get any pictures.  So, this really is kind of a lame post.  Yep.

But really, Valentines is lame and stupid.  It's just an excuse women use to make their man do something romantic.  Then the men get all stressed to make it all special.  Romance should just come naturally and you should want to do it.  If you're having to force romance upon someone, then you might want to rethink that relationship.

Now, here's some Valentine Baby pictures!  :)  Our handsome little boy.


Six Months

So sorry for getting so behind.  Well, Alister turned six months old in January.  He was sitting well by this time.  At his appointment he weighed in at 16.89 lbs and measured at 27 inches long.  :)  Not much else to say really.