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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

This year, we spent Christmas with just the three of us. Nothing special. Just a quiet day at home. It was really nice. We spent some time on Skype with each of our families. It was a good Christmas. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

34 Weeks

Today, I am 34 weeks pregnant. (: Thank goodness. I am So ready to have this baby. I am scheduled to deliver January 6th, which is now less then 5 weeks away! I can't believe it! I excited and nervous to have two kids. (: I'm also excited to have a newborn around again. They just don't stay that small long enough! Don't you agree? Anyway, I've already been having contractions. For a few weeks now I believe. But that past few days they've increased in number. Not as many today but the ones I did have were fairly painful. My body is prepping for delivery. Adam and I both feel that he's going to come a little sooner then the 6th. But we'll see! Any bets on the due date? I hope to get some maternity shots done this weekend. So hopefully I'll be able to post those next week. But, for now, here's a 34 week picture from today. (: 

Take Luck!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Another Birthday

I am now 24 years old. (: I had a good, simple birthday. We had the missionaries over for lunch, and we bought a small cake. I had Adam and the missionaries sing "Happy Birthday" to me. That was enjoyable. (: Adam and I were able to go on a date. We went and saw the new Hunger Games at the IMAX. That was fun. It was a really good movie. (: and, of course, I got a few gifts. (: So, it was good. 

Thanksgiving 2013

This year I made the turkey. How did it go? You may ask. Well... It didn't thaw out as long as it needed to so while prepping to cook it, we had to thaw out the inside a bit more with hot water to get the neck out. My wonderful husband did that part for me. He thought he might become vegan after that experience. ;) after it was done cooking, we loaded up to go to our friends, the Alexander's, house for dinner. Once we started carving, we discovered that the turkey was, in fact, not cooked through. So, we threw the turkey back into their oven. We decided to start dinner so the other food wouldn't get cold. Mistake. We forgot about the bird. It over-cooked. 

Beautiful isn't it. We still had fun. They have a son who's only a month older then Alister. So it was fun for them. (: