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Monday, August 10, 2015

Six Years Down & Eternity to Go

A day of white, family, friends, the hot-blinding sun, flowers, pictures, smiles, laughs, tears of joy, hugs, good food (that we didn't really get to eat), the car wash, Adam getting put on probation from his job and most importantly, a covenant with The Lord. This describes our wedding day of six years ago. 

Now, after six years, we have lived in three states (Utah, Idaho and Indiana), lived in six different homes (three apartments, one duplex, two homes. One being my in-laws). Had three dogs, two mice, four gold fish, one demon cat and now one hedgehog. Not all of them were keepers but we had them for a short time. I've been pregnant twice and we've had two wonderful, handsome boys. Adam has had ten jobs, I've had five. We've been back to school just to drop out again. I've started cosmetology school but had to quit. 

While these are all just numbers, they all come with a story. Stories that Adam and I have made together. I feel so blessed to have taken such an adventure with my best friend. We have grown to love, understand and respect each other even more then before. We have had the laughed our hardest laughs and cried the most sorrowful tears. We have learned new skills together and gained new hobbies. 

Adam, I hope and pray that you know I love more and more all the time. You tell me that I am an example of patience and love. Know that you are an example to me, too. I love to listen to you teach on Sunday. It is a wonderful blessing to hear you bear witness of truth. Your testimony is beautiful and strong. Your willingness to teach others of the gospel, including coworkers is astonishing. Your courage to to defend our beliefs in a loving way is awe inspiring. I am so proud to be your wife. I am so happy to be the one that stood out to you. The one you fell in love with, even when you weren't expecting it. I know our boys will grow up to be courageous and pleasing in The Lord's eye and you are a big part of that truth. I love you, Adam. More then you may know or understand. Here's to eternity.     

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