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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Corbin's Blessing

Due to the fact that most of our family would be in town, we decided to do the blessing earlier than most. Just like we did with Alister. Although, Alister was only six days old. Corbin was a little over a month.

It was a beautiful blessing. Of course. And powerful. Plus! My wonderful mother-in-law typed it out for us. Just like she did for Alister. (: so, we'll be able to print it and hang it up as a reminder of that joyous day. 

Our boys are our treasures. They are strong. They will touch many lives and be powerful missionaries. They will be wonderful examples through this life. This I know. Having two boys holds a special pride. One that I can not describe in plain words. But, I know that our boys are destined for a great life.

Corbin Joseph Briggs

Our little prince was born January 8th 2014 at 1:57pm. The delivery was smooth and much quicker then my first. And, it was beautiful.

Corbin measured at 20" long and weighed in at 7lbs. 5oz. He was bigger then Alister was at birth. He also has blonde hair, just like his dad's. (:

Special Delivery!

So, I need to catch up on blogging. I decided to start with my labor and delivery with Corbin. (:

On January 7th I had a doctors appointment. I was 38 weeks and 6 days. Two days further then when I delivered with Alister. Luckily, the doctor decided that my body was ready enough to be induced in the morning. I had to be induced, due to the fact that I was on blood thinners. I had to stop the medication for 24 hours before delivery. Well! You can imagine that we were so happy to be having our baby boy the next day. (: 

We got up at 5:30am so we could be at the hospital by 7am. It felt strange driving to the hospital to deliver a baby when I wasn't in labor yet. I mean, I was having some contractions, but nothing really consistent. Plus, I was nervous. I didn't really know anything about being induced. So, I didn't know what to expect. 

Once we got to the hospital and into our room, the nurse took a bunch of information. It took probably close to an hour. She then had me get dressed in my fashionable hospital gown and hooked me up to the monitors. They checked my cervix and decided to give me medication that thins out the rest of the cervix. Which was confusing to me because I thought the doctor had said I was thinned out enough. But, I let them do what they thought  best. I'm glad I did too! Because, it was enough to really kick start my contractions within a couple of minutes. Then maybe and hour later my doctor came in and decided to break my water. One of my least favorite parts. I laying in bed feeling like I just wet the bed. A lot. That water just keeps coming out, man! So uncomfortable. Anyway. Within another minute or two, my contractions intensified like crazy. Later on, I got an epidural. Which was nice. (: unlike the first time, I could still lift my legs. With Alister, I couldn't feel anything from the waist down. This time however, I was able to feel when I needed to start pushing. Which was very helpful actually. So, when that point came, I was able to push when I needed to. Unlike with Alister, where I had to be coached the whole time. 

So, I have to say, that even though pushing was extremely painful for me and I screamed a lot, the pain was absolutely beautiful. I've never been in that amount of pain before. Thankfully, Corbin was worth every minute of it. 😊 

When he finally arrived, we knew his name should be Corbin. We had struggled with deciding on a name the whole time. But, it was no question when we saw him. He was Corbin Joseph Briggs. 

Labor and delivery is, of course, hard. Any of us who have had children know, that all that pain, is well worth it. And, with out hesitation, we would do it all over again if we had to. Because when you meet your little prince (or princess) you know you would do anything for them. ❤️

Morning of delivery

Delivery Room

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Family of Four

I must confess, growing up I never imagined only having two kids. Half the time I couldn't imagine having any kids. But, now that the decision is made, we feel complete in our little family. We love having just the four of us. Adam grew up with one sibling a and loved it. I love having my boys. Did I want a girl? Sure. When I was first pregnant, I wanted a girl. Was I sad to fine out we were having another boy? Absolutely not. I was thrillied! There's a special sense of pride for a mother when she has just boys. At least, there is for me. It's a sense of pride I can not describe in simple words. But, it does not make this feeling any less true. 

Some might say "But you need girl." I beg to differ. Honestly, we both believe having a girl would be very difficult for us. I might be a girl, but that doesn't mean I understand them. Plus, she wouldn't be allowed to date until she's thirty. So, there's that. 

We're both so happy and proud of our boys. We couldn't imagine life any other way. :)