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Thursday, July 16, 2015


They say that the closer you become to The Lord, the closer Satan becomes to you. He knows that your light is shining brighter and that you are influential to others. So Lucifer sneaks his way in to break you down. He whispers "You're not good enough. You will never live to your full potential. You can not make others happy. And The Lord does not care about you. He has no faith in you. So give up. You're worthless." 

Your loving Heavenly Father would never speak such words to your heart. He has charity, patience and forgiveness for you. He smiles down on you when you do what is right. And I am certain that His heart aches when you forget about Him. When you stop talking to Him. When you stop obeying His commandments. Just like our earthly parents, He wants us to speak to Him. He wants the best life for us. 

So, as you draw closer to The Lord, and Lucifer starts whispering in your ear and hands you those lemons, make lemonade. And share it with others. Be accountable. Be strong. Be patient. Be kind. Be an example. Mistakes will be made. Regrets will fade. Pain will heal. But always remember The Atonement. Utilize it. Seek out true and lasting happiness. Fight for it. And live your life fully and share the charity in your heart. 

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