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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Corbin - Two Months

Corbin is now two months old... Awesome!  Generally, he has become a happy baby.  :)  He's very healthy and growing at a great rate.  He's small for his age, but still growing, so that's all that matters. 


Weight - 10 lbs. 9.6 oz   17%
Length - 22.25"              24%
OFC - 39.9 cm               80%

As you can see, he may be little, but he's got a giant head!  Like his big brother.  :)  (And dad)  ;)
He still gets me up once at night.  But, slowly he seems to be sleeping a little but longer.  So, hopefully soon...ish, he'll be sleeping through the night.  :)  I can't wait for that day!  I just hope it's sooner then later.  Alister didn't start sleeping through the night until 13 months old.  So, we'll see!

Corbin and Alister brighten my day.  :)  Even days when Alister is a but frustrating.  Those days I try and remember that he really is a good kid.  We're very blessed parents.  Both of our boys are healthy, handsome and happy.  :)  Mom and Dad love you both with all our hearts.


-same as last month.
-when I sing bad play guitar. (He smiles a bit) (: 
-being held. A lot. 


-same as last month 

I'll probably get some pictures up later.  I  just really wanted to get this up while both of the boys are sleeping.

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