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Friday, May 16, 2014

Corbin - Four Months

Our baby is four months old! And my oh my, don't we love him. :) He had his doctors visit and is very healthy. His weight is a little low from where the doctor would like to see it. So, we are now starting to supplement with formula. The first time I gave it to him, I only made two ounces. He did just fine with it. :) no problem with switching over. The day before his visit we had decided that we would need to start supplementing anyway. Perfect timing. :) 

He grew two and a half inches in length. But, he's still small. His head on the other hand, is in the 95% percentile. So, he's got a big noggin. But, apart from his eczema, Doctor says he looks very healthy. :) 

Corbin is flipping from tummy to back more and more. Sometimes, it's hard to keep him on his tummy. :) 

- Being tossed in the air (gently, of course). 
- Going upside down. 
- Getting scared. 
- Tummy time (for a short time). 
- Watching people. 
- Sitting. 
- Standing. 
- Bath time. 


- Being alone.  He really likes to be with someone almost constantly.

Weight: 12.7 lbs.   6%
Length: 24 3/4 in.  37%
OFC: 43.5 cm       95%

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