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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Innocent Smile

This evening, as I was reading stories to my boys before bedtime, I watched Alister point out Jesus in his books. (He has several church books). It made me think, how I have witnessed both of my children smile at pictures of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ at just weeks old. A beautiful smile full of light. One that says, "I know you. I've seen you. I love you."  The power in that smile is one unlike any other for me. Those moments have reinforced the knowledge I have that Christ lives. He lives. Our children were with him, before they came to this earth. We were too. I know my Savior lives. He love me. He love my children. He loves my husband. He loves us even with our imperfections. I love him. I know my children love him. They know him. So when you see your baby smile at Jesus, know that it is not an innocent smile of coincidence. It is with purpose. Remember, "I know you. I've seen you. I love you."

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