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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Corbin's Blessing

Due to the fact that most of our family would be in town, we decided to do the blessing earlier than most. Just like we did with Alister. Although, Alister was only six days old. Corbin was a little over a month.

It was a beautiful blessing. Of course. And powerful. Plus! My wonderful mother-in-law typed it out for us. Just like she did for Alister. (: so, we'll be able to print it and hang it up as a reminder of that joyous day. 

Our boys are our treasures. They are strong. They will touch many lives and be powerful missionaries. They will be wonderful examples through this life. This I know. Having two boys holds a special pride. One that I can not describe in plain words. But, I know that our boys are destined for a great life.

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