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Sunday, August 5, 2012

One Month

August 2nd, our dear little Alister came into the world one month ago.  I can't believe it.  What a joy he is in our life.  We are doing well.  Alister is healthy and strong.  He's a very special boy.  Since he's still so little he's not smiling yet.  On purpose anyway.  :)  He can lift his head and hold it up for a short time.  He gets the hiccups a lot.  Its so cute.  He also sneezes quite often.  Which is also very cute.  :)  We are both so proud of him already.  Adam is a very proud daddy.  I love seeing them interact.  Having our own little family brings so much happiness in my life.

People ask, "So, how many more do you want?"  Honestly, I really don't know.  I don't really believe that's our choice.  I believe we'll have as many as we're suppose to have.  :)  Which, I'm completely at peace with.

My parents were a big help the first couple of weeks.  Both my parents stayed with us for a few days to help out.  They stayed up at night with Alister so we could get some rest.  My mother stayed for a week while my dad and Adam had to go back to work.  I appreciated her help so much.  It was such a blessing.  :)  I have the greatest parents.

Here are a few pictures of Alister at one month.

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