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Friday, September 30, 2016

It Doesn't Have To Be That Bad

As the winds blew, the currents began to push us up stream along the Snake River in Island Park, Idaho in our long red canoe. It was my first my time canoeing and my new husband wanted it to be perfect - but can anything be truly perfect? As I listened to his complaints of frustration, I calmly turned to him and said “It doesn’t have to be that bad.” Little did I know, that those seven, simple words spoken on our honeymoon would impact him through out our marriage. 

Now, I'm not saying I'm wise or anything, but I mean, isn't this so true? It is up to us to change the mood of any situation. We can choose to be positive or negative. To be offended or not. I know, I know. This is much easier said then done. But, is that not why we have scriptures and prayer? To help strengthen us in times of need when we need that extra boost of light to get us through the day or week or how ever long we need. I should hope we feel that we need the Saviors guidance everyday - but somedays we need extra help. To make us realize, we don't have to do it alone.

The Savior died for us to fulfill the atonement. This is something He had to do alone. Only He could fulfill this everlasting task of Grace and Charity. Which leads me to this - we do not have to face anything alone. Christ has Never asked us to walk alone and He never will. He asks us to seek for His light and guiding hand. I know that I forget at times to ask for help. And let me tell you something - those times are ridiculously hard and lonely. I feel weighed down and at times I feel like I'm drowning. When I feel this way, I know that this is was the Savior is doing for me. 

I am certain there are times the Lord wants to tell us that it doesn't have to be that bad - just ask, I will give it to you, I will help you, I will take your hand and hold you up. You need not ever be alone.

I have tried to imagine my Savior in this more personal way lately. I am certain that I can guarantee you that if you do this, you will see and come to know Christ in a new way. One where He did not die for everyone (while that's true) but where He died for You. Christ loves each of so much, that I truly believe that He would have died for just me if I was the only soul needing saving. Just like I know He died for me, I know He died for You. Do you? Do you believe this with all the faith in your heart, mind and soul? If you're unsure, even just slightly, then I implore you, seek Him out even more. Begin to think of Him in a more personal way. When you kneel to pray, tell Him Everything. I mean, Everything. All your thoughts, desires, worries and concerns. Your accomplishments and failures. Joys and heartache. Oh how wonderful it is to know that He is listening. You may feel silly at first, speaking this way in prayer at first. But don't give up. Don't quit. Keep kneeling down. Keep talking. You will get there. And one day, you'll realize that your relationship with Christ has grown immensely. 

I love my Savior and God. I know they love me. I know they love you. So, when life gets hard - when the winds are pushing you up stream, just remember, "It doesn't have to be that bad."

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