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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Future Plans

The future. You never know what it's going to hold. What the Lord has in store for us. It's good to make plans. But it's also good to keep an open mind. Be adaptable, in case the Lord takes you a different direction.

With that being said. Let me tell you something exciting. 

No. I'm not pregnant. And no, we are not moving back to Utah. 

However, Adam has told me he wants to get a degree in hospitality. What? I know. He'd be perfect for it. He's a great people person and everyone loves him. At first when he told me about it, he talked about working on cruise ships. Ooooooo. Aaaahhhhhhhh. I know. I know. Seems awesome. And maybe it would be. For at least a time. But then, he told me something the other day.

He was talking to a co-worker who is about to graduate with a hospitality degree and asked what he's going to do with it. Co-worker was like, "I don't know. Probably find a nice hotel in a climate I like." Adam then proceeded with, "Shut up! Shut up! I know what I'm going to do!" 

He then told me that we've been thinking too small with cruise ships... Really? What's bigger then a cruise ship? And then he said the most beautiful words.

"A lodge, in Island Park." 

WHAT?! WHAT?! Hold on! A logde?! 

Ok. If you know us well enough, we love mountains, tall trees, hiking, camping, rivers and streams. Not to mention seasons (sorry Florida, but you don't really have any of that). We like cooler climates. No, we love them. 

Also, we honeymooned in Island Park. We lived in Idaho for a year and lioved it. It's perfect. And who knows, maybe we won't be Island Park in particular. Maybe somewhere in Montana or Washington. Who know! 

Point is, this is a plan. Something we are truly excited about and can see happening in our future. 

I love It. 

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