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Monday, February 29, 2016

Ode to the Fort

Well, it hasn't been a week since we left and emotions are high. To be expected when you uproot your family to another state and to circumstances less then happy. However, it is a blessing to be here with family. 

The day we left Fort Wayne (February 24th), it was cold and freezing rain. As we finished packing the truck and taking one last look in our home, I couldn't help but linger just a few seconds longer gazing into the living room and how sad the blue walls looked now that they were emptied. After getting the boys in the car and trying to keep warm, Adam started the car and bowed our heads in a prayer. We prayed for safety and we prayed in gratitude. Gratitude for the time we got to spend in Fort Wayne, Indiana. For the memories we cherish and the friends we made. A few tears were shed during those beautiful words to our Lord. A few more as we drove away from home. (And a few more now, as I sit here and reflect on this conflicting experience). Fort Wayne was where Corbin was born. That house is where he learned to crawl, walk and talk. It's where Alister became a big brother. It's where my husband finally had a job that he absolutely loved. And one where he had a bigger influence then either of us really understood until we left. 

I remember when Adam and I first arrived in Fort Wayne for his interview at SweetWater. As we drove from the airport into town on that very stormy and cold spring April day, I cried. Yep. I totally cried. Overwhelmed with a sense of joy and sensation as if... I'd come home. Home. 

Anyone one who knows me well, will most likely know that I love Idaho. I mean, I LOVE Idaho. It was the first move Adam and I made together as husband and wife and it was the first place I lived that I absolutely just fell in love with. I can't explain it. But I will always love Idaho. Now, you're probably thinking this is totally random. However, I want you to understand, that while I love Idaho the Midwest is my home. I believe it. And while I may never live at home again, I believe I can fall in love with other places. I hope I can fall in love with Florida in some way. 

The wonderful thing is that our boys love it here. They can go outside more, we can walk to grandma and grandpa's. It's awesome and they seem to be having the time of their life. 

While this new adventure took a lot of mental preparation to accept then any other move, I sure wouldn't want to do it with anyone else then Adam and my boys. This would be so much harder without them. But it certainly more rich and rewarding with them. 

Now, don't get me wrong. So far, we are really liking Florida. With scenery, the people, the weather and the vibe. It's pretty awesome. 

Take luck my friends. Take luck. 

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