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Monday, February 15, 2016

Corbin: Two Years

I know this late. But he's still two so it counts! 
Corbin turned two years old January 8th and it's just hard to believe. I remember driving to the hospital to deliver him. I remember looking at Adam and him telling me I'm doing great while I was painfully pushing. I remember holding my little boy for the first time and looking at his little swollen face. I knew then that are lives were being blessed and would be even fuller with joy and laughter. 

And now, he's a walking and talking toddler with a big personality. He's opinionated, loves to give me lots of hugs and do things that little boys love to do. 

He's still a little light weight for his age and shorter then most. But we love him that way. He lives up to the long time myth of red heads having a fiery and passionate personality. He adores his dad and loves to play with Alister. He loves to help me unload the dishes and know his alphabet. He's a smart little cookie who's always surprising us. We love watching his personality come out and shine more and more. He's our little blue-eyed, Irish boy and we love him with our hearts. 

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