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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Family of Four

I must confess, growing up I never imagined only having two kids. Half the time I couldn't imagine having any kids. But, now that the decision is made, we feel complete in our little family. We love having just the four of us. Adam grew up with one sibling a and loved it. I love having my boys. Did I want a girl? Sure. When I was first pregnant, I wanted a girl. Was I sad to fine out we were having another boy? Absolutely not. I was thrillied! There's a special sense of pride for a mother when she has just boys. At least, there is for me. It's a sense of pride I can not describe in simple words. But, it does not make this feeling any less true. 

Some might say "But you need girl." I beg to differ. Honestly, we both believe having a girl would be very difficult for us. I might be a girl, but that doesn't mean I understand them. Plus, she wouldn't be allowed to date until she's thirty. So, there's that. 

We're both so happy and proud of our boys. We couldn't imagine life any other way. :)

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