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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year I made the turkey. How did it go? You may ask. Well... It didn't thaw out as long as it needed to so while prepping to cook it, we had to thaw out the inside a bit more with hot water to get the neck out. My wonderful husband did that part for me. He thought he might become vegan after that experience. ;) after it was done cooking, we loaded up to go to our friends, the Alexander's, house for dinner. Once we started carving, we discovered that the turkey was, in fact, not cooked through. So, we threw the turkey back into their oven. We decided to start dinner so the other food wouldn't get cold. Mistake. We forgot about the bird. It over-cooked. 

Beautiful isn't it. We still had fun. They have a son who's only a month older then Alister. So it was fun for them. (: 

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